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Met Genio is a high quality helmet designed to keep your child safe on the bike.

The Bimbi- Secure internal geometry concept ensures that there is no contact between the helmet and fontanel, the most fragile part of a child’s head.Additionally, the Elfo’s build allows your child to sit up straight while strapped into a bike seat while you ride so they can fully enjoy joining you on adventures.

Genio comes in a number of unique designs, with fantastic engineering and a focus on fun and safety.

Sizing: Measure circumference of head above eyebrows and ears.

Fits head circumference Size: 52 – 57cm.

Outer shell construction In-Mould
Inner shell Shock absorbing polystyrene
Chin strap buckle Anti-pinch buckle
Straps and Divider Anti-slip cam divider
Fit system Safe-T E-Twist
Visor Integrated visor for more protection
Comfort Anti-allergenic interior padding. Hand washable
Be seen Reflective rear stickers, integrated rear LED light
Accessories In-moulded anti-insect net
Compatibility Bimbi plus. Optimized ergonomics for child seats. Bimbi Secure. Fontanel protection
Certifications CE, AS/NZ


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