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  • Holds two (up to four) bikes and can be set up in a room, house or shop
  • The main pillar is made of light weight and durable two-piece alloy tubing
  • Mini-velo or kids bike also available
Adaptable Leg System
  • Choose “K” or “X” provides a wider, more stable base
  • Reinforced base greatly increases stability
  • If mounting 4 bikes, use only “X” leg configuration
Pillar height
2.60 m
Pillar diameter
45 mm
Maximum capacity
25 kgs / cradle
Silver / Black
5.7 kgs
2 cradles are included. Extra cradles for 3rd & 4th bike are sold separately.
About set up
  • Select flat floor and no obstacles or items around the area
  • Use height adjuster when set up at sloping floor
How to hook a bike
  • Change the angle of cradle hook for fit bike frame
  • Sometime hook between a handle stem and seat post when use mini-velo or kids bike
  • Do not use in direct sun light or outdoors


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