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Shimano Acera-Altus (B01S) Disc Brake Pads

Using Shimano Disc Brake pads will ensure top braking performance whilst maintaining the safety of your Shimano brake system. Shimano has adopted Ice-Technologies into their disc brake pad range to provide the cooling technology required for consistent performance. These Shimano Acera-Altus (B01S) Disc Brake Pads produce less noise than metal pads and offer increased modulation.


  • Resin pads make less noise than metal pads and offer better modulation
  • Flexible compound
  • Less noise
  • Focus on controllable performance
  • Designed for dry and wet conditions

Compatible with the Following Shimano Models:

BR-C501 – BR-M485 – BR-M445 – BR-M395 – BR-TX805 – BR-M575 – BR-M475 – BR-M416 – BR-M375 – BR-M525 – BR-M465 – BR-M416A – BR-M355 – BR-M495 – BR-M447 – BR-M415 – BR-T675 – BR-M486 – BR-M446 – BR-M4050 – BR-T615


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